Fairchild Model T7800

Fairchild Model T7800

Compact I/P, E/P Pressure Transducer

High performance at economical process is available from the Fairchild T7800 series of piezo-ceramic actuated I/P transducer. These units offer state of the art accuracy up to 0.15% FS. The disc actuation mechanism provides a product that is totally impervious to shock, vibration and positional orientation. In the Extended Range units, an additional Relay Section amplifies the output pressure to obtain up to 0-120 psi [0-8.0 BAR], (0-800 kPa) output. The T7800 series is approved for Intrinsic Safety and Non-Incendive use carries FM, CSA, ATEX and IECEx approvals.

- 18 available output ranges.
- Accuracy as low as 0.15%
- Field Reversible Feature.
- RFI/EMI Protection.
- Internal Electronic Feedback and Piezoelectric Actuator.
- Damping Adjustment.
- Split range operation.
- FM, CSA, ATEX and IECEx approvals.
- NEMA 4X, Type 4 Enclosure and IP65 rated.


- Tremendous versatility for application design.
- High precision reliable operation.
- Provides output inversely proportional to input signal.
- Eliminates susceptibility to electromagnetic and radio interference.
- Provides precise control of output pressure regardless of vibration
   or position.
- Allows for optimum tuning response.
- Allows common signal source control two or more functions.
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.
- Carries Global approval for Intrinsic Safety and Hazardous Location

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