Fairchild Model 4900A

Fairchild Model 4900A

Pneumatic Volume Booster Model 4900A

Fairchild’s Model 4900A is a High Flow Pneumatic Volume Booster designed for high precision applications. With its Cv of 9 in both forward and exhaust modes, this pilot operated booster provides fast response, very low deadband and high precision control. In its pilot operated regulator design, the Model 4900A handles up 17 Barg [250 psig] supply pressure and delivers an output pressure up to 10 Barg [150 psig] . The Fairchild Model 4900A Booster provides a flow capacity of 850 m3/HR, which equates to a Cv factor of approximately 9 in both forward and exhaust modes.


  • Cv = 9; Flow capacity of 850 m3/HR.
  • Ratio Accuracy of 0.5%.
  • Very low deadband between the operation of the supply valve and exhaust valve.
  • High capacity exhaust valve.
  • Large area diaphragms.
  • Soft seat supply and exhaust valves.
  • Pressure balanced supply valve.
  • Damped diaphragm control chamber.
  • Two accessory ports connected to the outlet chamber.
  • Tapped exhaust port.

  • Fast response for quick valve opening and closing times.
  • Highly Accurate valve control for your system.
  • Provides excellent pressure control.
  • Provides efficient dynamic reverse flow characteristics.
  • Provides high accuracy, sensitivity and excellent low pressure performance.
  • Provide efficient leak free operation.
  • Prevents changes in control characteristics when supply pressure changes.
  • Provides very stable operation.
  • Provide convenient access to the outlet for additional control accessories and pressure monitoring.
  • Allows for easy collection of exhaust air or use of a silencer.

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