Fairchild Model 4500ABP

Fairchild Model 4500ABP

High Flow Back Pressure Booster Model 4500ABP

Fairchild’s Model 4500ABP is a High Flow Back Pressure Booster designed for automated or remote controlling of the back pressure or relief operation typically found in tank systems and other pressurized systems. In its pilot operated design, the M4500ABP will operate from a signal pressure of up to 10 Barg [150 psig] and handles up 17 Barg [250 psig] system pressure. The Fairchild Model 4500ABP Back Pressure Booster provides a flow capacity of 255 m3/HR, which equates to a Cv factor of approximately 3.0.


  • Flow capacity of 255 m3/HR
  • Control sensitivity of 2,5 mbar.
  • Large Exhaust Valve design.
  • Separate Control Chamber
  • Aspirator Tube design.
  • Unitized Construction.

  • Extremely fast and responsive operation.
  • Allows for use in High precision applications.
  • Provides High Flow in Back Pressure Applications.
  • Isolates the diaphragm from the main flow to eliminate hunting and buzzing.
  • Minimizes pressure drop at final control element under flow conditions.
  • Allows servicing without removal.

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