Fairchild Model 11BP

Fairchild Model 11BP

Low Pressure Precision Back Pressure Regulator Model 11BP


The Fairchild Model 11BP is a Low Pressure Precision Back Pressure Regulator and a excellent choice for applications which require high precision control of low pressure of back pressures and relief pressures. The Model 11BP uses a force balance principle to open the relief valve and vent the system pressure when the set point is exceeded. The Model 11BP features control sensitivity of 0,13 mbar and a balanced supply valve to deliver consistent and reliable precision accuracy to maintain your desired set point regardless of supply pressure changes or conditions.  The Fairchild Model 11BP will handle a 60 psi, 4 BAR, maximum system pressure and offers five (5) setpoint pressure ranges from from 0-34 mbarg (0- 0.5 psig), up to 0-830 mbarg (0- 12 psig). The Model 11BP has a flow capacity of  5,1 m3/hr (3 SCFM).


  • Control sensitivity of 0,13 mbar.
  • Separate Control Chamber
  • Aspirator Tube isolate the diaphragm from the main flow

  • Precision control in very low pressure applications.
  • Provides a highly responsive unit for control or relieving applications
  • Compensates for any pressure build up under flow conditions.

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