Fairchild Model 11

Fairchild Model 11

Low Pressure Precision Pressure Regulator Model 11


The Fairchild Model 11 is a Low Pressure Precision Pressure Regulator designed for applications that require high performance and accurate process control at very low pressures down to 7,5 mbarg. The Fairchild Model 11 pneumatic low pressure regulator features control sensitivity of less than 0,13 mbar and high flow capacity to deliver consistent and reliable precision accuracy to maintain your desired set point regardless of supply pressure changes or conditions. The Fairchild Model 11 high precision pressure regulator will handle a 10 Barg (150 psi) maximum supply pressure and offers five (5) output pressure ranges from 0-34 mbarg (0- 0.5 psig), up to 0-830 mbarg (0- 12 psig) . The Model 11 has a flow capacity of  40,7 m3/hr (27 SCFM).


  • Control sensitivity of 0,13 mbar.
  • Aspirator Tube design.

  • Precision control in very low pressure applications.
  • Compensates for any pressure build up under flow conditions.

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