Fairchild Model 1000

Fairchild Model 1000

No Bleed Precision Pressure Regulator Model 1000

The Fairchild Model 1000 is a no bleed precision pressure regulator designed for use in systems requiring both precision control and high forward flow and exhaust capacity. The sensitive valve system of this high quality unit makes it virtually immune to supply pressure variations. The Fairchild Model 1000 features control sensitivity of less than 0.5" water column, very low consumption and high flow capacity to deliver consistent and reliable precision accuracy to maintain your desired set point regardless of supply pressure changes or conditions. The combination of high flow capacity and good sensitivity make the Model 1000 pneumatic regulator a great choice for versatile control applications, including loading of control valve and calendar roll actuators, operation of clutch and braking devices, and winding operations. The Fairchild Model 1000 pressure regulator will handle a 250 psi, 17 BAR maximum supply pressure and offers four (4) output pressure ranges from 0.5-10 psi, 0.03-0.7 BAR, 3-70 kPa up to 2-150 psi, 0.14-10 BAR, 14-1000 kPa. The Model 1000 has a flow capacity of up to 50 SCFM, 85 m3/hr.

- No-Bleed design.
- Control Chamber isolates the control diaphragm.
- Venturi-type aspirator tube.
- Separate pilot valve.
- Sensitive pilot valve action.
- Compact size.
- Minimizes consumption of air or inert gas.
- Eliminates hunting and buzzing.
- Compensates downstream pressure droop under flow conditions.
- Eliminates unbalanced closing forces in inner valve assembly.
- Large correcting effect maintains constant setpoint immune to
  supply pressure variations
- Excellent for applications where space is limited.

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