Cashco Model HP

Cashco Model HP

High Pressure Reducing Regulator Model HP

The Model “HP” is a heavy duty, high pressure reducing regulator with balanced trim and a composition seat for controlling downstream pressure between 0,69 – 51,7 Barg (10–750 psig) with inlet pressures up to 206 Barg (3000 psig). A metal seated version is also available. Where trim wear is expected, metal seating surfaces may be stellited. Sizes 1/2”–1-1/2” (DN15–40). Available options include differential construction, flanged end connections and NACE construction.

Common applications: Clean Gases, Bottled Gases, Liquids, Hydrogen


  • High inlet and outlet pressures; high pressure drops.
  • Balanced Trim minimizes the effect of large changes in inlet pressure such as those encountered with bottled gas..
  • Composition seat provides bubble-tight shutoff.
  • High Capacity, allows banking of bottled gas through one regulator.
  • Adjustment Ease due to radial roller bearings to reduce frictional forces and wear on higher spring ranges.
  • Use in liquid service is for non-cavitating fluids up to 41,4 Bard  (600 psid) pressure drop, metal seated.


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