Cashco Model D

Cashco Model D


The Model D is Cashco’s primary general service, self-contained, pressure reducing regulator.
Unit handles inlet pressures up to 27,6 Barg (400 psig) and outlet pressures from 0,14-17,2 Barg (2-250 psig)
in multiple spring ranges.
Model D is utilized for the majority of industrial pressure reducing applications.



Used in all types of fluids, including cryogenic liquids and gases, sour gas, industrial gases, chemicals, as well as the common industrial fluids - water, oil, steam and compressed air.


- Versatile:                          Five body materials and thirty-one trim material combinations to select from.

- Tight Shutoff:                  Composition seats of V-TFE, NBR, EPR, or FKM. 

- Capacity:                          Handles mid-range flow rates on a line size basis.

- Pressure Drop:                Handles mid-range pressure drops while main tain ing good stability.
                                              Optional Stabilizer provides up to 350 psid (24.2 Bard) capability for gaseous

- Flow-to-Close Plug:         Incorporates the typical reducing  regulator internal design.
                                              Plug is guided through its travel by the cylinder, which also serves to block
                                              harmful debris from entry to the seating surfaces.

- Incorporated  Cylinder: In the event of downstream over-pressurization, diaphragm overtravel is
                                               restricted by mechanical stops.


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