Cashco Model 345

Cashco Model 345

High Pressure Reducing Regulator Model 345

The Model 345 is a piston style, heavy duty, high pressure reducing regulator that can include balanced trim with a TFE or nylon seat for controlling down stream pressure between 3,4 and 207 Barg (50 and 3000 psig), with inlet pressures up to 275 Barg (4000 psig). The metal seated version is an unbalanced trim design. Where trim wear is expected, metal seating surfaces may be stellited. Sizes 1/2", 3/4" and  1" (DN15, 20, and 25). Available options include flanged end connections.

Applications: Primarily used as first stage letdown valve on high pressure applications. Used for controlling clean gases. Handles bottled gas up to 275 Barg (4000 psig) inlet pressure, with a maximum pressure drop of up to 207 Bard (3000 psid). Use in liquid service is for non-cavitating fluids, i.e. lubricants, up to 69 Bard (1000 psid) pressure drop, metal seated.


  • High inlet and outlet pressures; high pressure drops.
  • Balanced trim minimizes the effect of large changes in inlet pressure such as those encountered with bottled gas.
  • TFE or nylon seat provides tight shutoff.
  • Ease Adjustment by radial roller bearings to reduce frictional forces and wear. Standard with T-bar handle.


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