Cashco Model 1465

Cashco Model 1465

Pressure Reducing Regulator Model 1465

The Model 1465 is for small flows and is used primarily when sampling a fluid for analytical purposes. The 316 SST body can handle inlet pressures as high as 5000 psig (344 Barg) and is designed to control a wide range of fluids including natural gas, inert gases, sour gas, Oxygen, steam, chemicals and water.


  • High Pressure Drop Capabilities, Pressure drops to 4700 psig (324 Barg).
  • Outlet pressure 5 psig (0,34 barg)  - 500 psig (34,5 barg)
  • 5 different Trim Material Combinations available
  • 2 Trim Sizes,  0.05 and 0.19 Cv orifices
  • According to NACE  MR0175 as option available


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