Cashco Model 1000LP

Cashco Model 1000LP

Low Pressure Reducing Regulator Model 1000LP

The Model 1000LP is a high capacity, low pressure regulator used to control downstream pressure Sizes are from 1/2" through 1" (DN15 through DN25). The 1000LP is the low pressure version of the Cashco 1000HP reducing regulator. The designs are essentially equal, except that the 1000LP has a larger diaphragm area which is required for the lower operating pressures. The unique internals design allows use in a multitude of applications, including process fluids that normal pressure reducing regulators cannot match.

Common applications:
Used in all types of fluids, including cryogenic liquids and gases, sour gas, industrial gases, chemicals, as well as the common industrial fluids - water, oil, steam and compressed air.


  • Four available body materials and eighteen trim material selections allow us age in a multitude of various fluids. Optional constructions extend the capability.
  • Straight-thru flow path reduces internal turbulence and resistance to flow, increasing stability and capacity.
  • Provides unmatched rangeability – far greater than competitive flow-to-close designs. Highly stable at either high or low flow rates.
  • Standard construction allows inlet pressures up to 450 psig (31.0 Barg).
  • Controlled outlet pressure between 1–30 psig (.07–2.1 Barg).
  • Standard construction with extended guiding allows pressure drop up to 450 psid (31.0 Bard). This regulator is routinely applied in severe service conditions.
  • Internal arrangement isolates the diaphragm from direct impingement, negating any flow induced instability at either low or high flow rates. Allows incorporation of dynamic boost from jet section. Uniformly registers pressure on the diaphragm.

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