Cashco Model 1000HP-5 & -36 Cryogeen

Cashco Model 1000HP-5 & -36 Cryogeen

Pressure Reducing Regulator Model 1000HP-5 &-36

Model 1000HP-5 and 1000HP-36 are cryogenic reducing regulators used primarily in handling liquified industrial gases. The Opt-5 construction is essentially of bronze and brass materials; Opt-36 is a austenitic stainless steel materials. The design takes advantage of all the features of the basic 1000HP reducing regulator, (see Technical Bulletin 1000HP-BASIC). The availability of optional construction, body, and trim materials are limited to those indicated herein The straight-thru flow path inherent in the 1000HP design allows for higher capacity. The streamlined path also reduces wear and maintenance for the flashing or cavitating conditions frequently associated with cryogenic service.


  • Straight-thru flow path reduces internal turbulence and resistance to flow, increasing stability and capacity.
  • Provides unmatched rangeability – far greater than competitive flow-to-close designs. Highly stable at either high or low flow rates.
  • Standard construction allows inlet pressures up to 740 psig (51 Barg).
  • Controlled outlet pressure between 10–300 psig (0.69–20,7 Barg).

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