Fairchild Model 22

Fairchild Model 22

Computing relay Model 22

The Model 22 Pneumatic Computing Relay is a highly versatile control valve designed to perform a number of specialized functions, including averaging, differential, inverting, and totalizing. This high quality unit, which offers up to four inputs as well as positive and negative biasing over a broad range, is available in several configurations to meet most application requirements. The combination of multiple configuration options and accurate response characteristics make the Model 22 the ideal choice in a variety of applications with specific input/output requirements such as override or multi-element control, or as an ON-OFF valve. When used as an ON-OFF valve, the Model 22 may open or close a pneumatic circuit, moving rapidly to a full open or a full closed position when signal pressures deviate from set point. In the full open position, the valve passes full supply pressure without modulation or regulation. The function is achieved by connecting output pressure to the signal chamber. This connection forms a feedback loop so that, once flow is started, the valve is driven wide open. The relay always goes full open or full closed when conditions are as shown in the diagrams on the Fairchild specification sheets and catalog.


  • Small bleed across relief seat.
  • Multiple inputs available.
  • Adjustable Bias Range from -1,2 to +1 barg (-18 to +15 psig)
  • Two gauge ports located 90° from supply and outlet ports.
  • Line or Panel Mounting.

  • Assures fast response to even very small signals.
  • Allows versatility in process control applications.
  • Permits variation in output to meet your needs.
  • Versatility in installation in your equipment.
  • Quick and easy installation in the field.

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